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Sonsaf programs are clustered into six main areas:

Debates and dialogues

Debates and dialogues SONSAF believes the Somali wisdom of “If we...

Climate Change and environmental Resilience

Climate Change and environmental Resilience Somaliland is currently experiencing the effect...

Political inclusion of marginalized groups

Political inclusion of marginalized groups To increase political participation of marginalized...

Democratization and elections integrity

Democratization and elections integritySONSAF, has over 13 years of experience...

Conflict prevention and peace building

 Conflict prevention and peace building Conflicts have become a discussion in...

CSOs Coordination / Capacity development

 CSOs Coordination / Capacity developmentSONSAF is an umbrella for Somaliland...


SONSAF in Numbers

As an independent Non-State Actors platform, SONSAF does not have a direct influence or administrative impact on the contrary, it is solely concerned about ways and means of advancing the voices and fiscal representation of its NSA members to positively contribute to the national, regional and international platforms that are responsible for the formulation of domestic, regional and global policies that address the needs of all of humanity.


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