CSOs Coordination / Capacity development

SONSAF is an umbrella for Somaliland Civil Society Organization (CSOs), focusing on strengthening their capacities, conducting assemblies, lobbying & advocacy as well as coordinating meetings. The aim is to help the CSOs achieve their objectives and goals that positively contribute to wellness of the communities at large. SONSAF plays a key role in mapping available resources including funds and ensuring accountability. This coordination ensure that there is no duplication of projects and encourages synergies within CSOs. To ensure effectiveness and efficiency SONSAF occasionally organizes trainings for knowledge sharing and transfer, these trainings have been very helpful in developing and improving CSOs internal policies, strategic plans and creating partnerships as a result the CSOs are strengthened and become more sustainable. Besides, SONSAF having found other gaps in the CSOs resolved to provide more capacities in various technical areas including project planning, budgeting, funds mobilization, compliance to donors and development of proposals. When employees have these set of skills they are more motivated and turnover is reduced in the CSOs increasing productivity

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