Democratization and elections integrity

SONSAF, has over 13 years of experience in managing elections, providing voter education, voter registration and voter card distribution. Electoral integrity programs expand voter literacy, maximize participation (as a voter, candidate or observer), catalyze reform movements, mitigate electoral violence and build confidence in electoral outcomes. This has highly contribute to voter turn- out during elections to enable citizens practice their democratic right to elect their leader. SONSAF in their mission leaves no one behind and amplify the political voice of women and other traditionally marginalized communities, this includes youth, minorities and People with Disabilities. SONSAF also brings non-state actors together to promote good governance, leadership and democracy. They closely monitors arms of Government for transparency, integrity, accountability, adherence to rule of law, and protection of civil rights. To enhance democracy SONSAF engages in head count of political association observation missions to ensure election are free and fair. After each observation mission SONSAF produces reports with recommendations to apply in the future elections which help to continuously improve the electoral process. 

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