As its name suggests, SONSAF is the umbrella organization of NSAs in Somaliland, with 67 Organizations with 5 categories drawn from the following:

1. Civil Society Organizations
The Civil Society Organization (CSO) are one of the largest groups under the SONSAF umbrella, including the following groups:

youth, women, human rights, disability, HIV, AIDS & FGM, environmental network, lobbying and advocacy.

2. Private Sector
SONSAF represents all private sector entities including, SMEs and large organizations such as banks & remittances, telecommunications,

energy and aviation.

3. Professional Associations
All professional institutions; including universities, health councils, media, and lawyers’ associations and research institutions.

4. Religious Association
Local religious leaders that take part in community engagements and outreach programs addressing relevant issues.

5. Traditional Leaders
The traditional and elder associations are key to peace and state-building in Somaliland, playing a significant role in conflict resolution.