Support Peaceful Elections (PEACE) in Somaliland Programme.

Date- 2020-2022; Budget- €1,858,090.00; Funded- European Union

Summary & Achievements

The project entitled Support Peaceful Elections (PEACE) in Somaliland supported the overall peacefulness of the combined parliamentarian and local elections in Somaliland 2021. In achieving a peaceful election, SONSAF established an Election Situation Room (ESR) that reduces election tensions and conflicts. In addition, to increasing women and minority participation in the electoral.

    • Deployment of over 900 election conflict monitors.

    • Capacitated over 8,000 political party observers.

    • Coordinated and trained Media Houses to promote peaceful elections.

    • Supported Somaliland National Electoral Commission (NEC) through civic education initiatives.

    • Worked closely with the Ministry of Interior (MoI) command center to mitigate election conflicts and tensions.

    • Provided indirect support to 33 women and minority candidates.

    • Successfully advocated for the wavering of all fees to women and minority candidates.

    • Produced Joint CSOs election report.