SONSAF Election Situation Room Daily Conflict Incident Monitoring Brief

  1. Conflict incidents Highlights:

In the last three days, the ESR call centre recorded 120 cases across the six regions of Somaliland. The issues recorded include clan conflict, drought, insecurity and COVID_ 19 instances. Currently, the information is received from the public and the election monitoring committees set up by SONSAF under the ESR reporting and mitigating mechanism.

  1. The incident types:

The following conflict-related cases were considered severe or high incidents, especially the clan-related recorded in Buhodle (3), LasAnod (1), Baki (1), and Borma (1), as predicted by the pre-election reports these areas are renowned for clan related clashes. The National CSO EMC verified the issues reported to the MoI election command centre and all, but one case is resolved. The active case in LasAnod is currently under investigation by law enforcement. Graph 1 highlights the conflict-related issues.

Graph  1: Conflict-related cases reported

  1. Other issues affecting election

The other issues recorded affecting the election stands 48 droughts and 3 Covid-19 related issues.  The 48-drought related were recorded from five regions/districts (Sahil 44, Erigavo, 1, Taleex 1, Lughaya 1 and Buuhoodle 1). Meanwhile, the three Covid-19 cases were noted from Gabiley, Taleex and Erigavo.

The drought cases recorded amounted to 92% of the overall cases, while Erigavo, Baligubadle, Tales, and Lughaya reported one case each, as illustrated in graph 2.

Graph  2: Droughts related cases

 Major incident drivers:

  • Clan related
  • Covid-19
  • Droughts

The hot spots:

  • LasAnod recorded 42% of the clan related clans
  • Sahil reported the highest drought cases, 92%

Clan conflict hot

  • LasAnod (42%)
  • Hargeisa (23%)

Actors involved:

  • Candidates
  • General Public

Violence against women:

  • No violence against women was reported

The action was taken towards the incident:

  • Regarding the clan conflict reported through the ESR call centre, the issues were forwarded to the Ministry of Interior command centre. It was deemed high risk to a peaceful election.
  • Concerning the droughts cases, the reports were deemed low because these were people who returned to Somaliland from neighbouring countries due to the droughts. They wanted to be part of the election process; they were advised of the voter’s registration deadline.


We can conclude that the pre-election has passed us peacefully without any significant conflicts been reported. However, as the election days draw closer, the ESR expects a large volume of reported incidents since there will be an additional 880 conflict observers dispatched in the field to report conflict-related incidents.