Advocacy on Democratization

Advocacy on Democratization

Re-launching Somaliland Civil Society Election Forum (SCISEF) on November 2015

Signing Voter Registration Code of Conduct on January 2016

Deployment of Voter Registration Observers in 2016

Conference on Reviewing Somaliland Electoral process on December 2016

Parliamentary law Regional Consultation Forums on March 2017

Hand-over of the HOR Election Law to the Parliament on November 2017

SONSAF Training of Trainers
On October 2017

Training and Deployment of Domestic Election Observers all across Somaliland on November 2017

Lessons Learned Workshop for the Presidential Election on November 2017

Presentation of the Pre-election and Post Election Reports in 2017 and 2018.

Presentation of Post-Election Report to International Partners in Nairobi on June 2018

Conference on House of Representative Election
on March 2018

Post-Election Social Reconciliation Meeting – Awdal Region on May 2018

Post-Election Social Reconciliation Rehearsal and Post-Election Social Reconciliation Meeting in Awdal Region Awdal Region on May 2018