Press release for Domestic observers Report for Presidential Election

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NSA Objective

  • To represent NSAs and support socio-economic issue aimed at creating sustainable development programs by undertaking pro-active policy dialogue at national, regional and international levels.
  • To support capacity building programs for human transformation, and strengthen the state’s consultations process on the issues of development strategies, human rights, democratization, civic education, and resource management and utilization.
  • To strengthen aid effectiveness and to promote the capacity of local organization so that such organizations can access financial resources to support local development initiatives.


  • Regular policy dialogue, advocacy, and awareness raising activities in place; the process of human transformation, rule of law, democratization activities, political party system and successive leadership are taking place.
  • The NSA platform capacity strengthened in the areas of organizational management; financial accountability; planning; ICT; networking and representative structures.
  • Effective networking, representation and coordination among all NSA stakeholders, non-state actors, and other institutions of concern have been established and put in place.
  • NSAs initiated consultations with donors, government and communities on development strategies, community support programs, and policy dialogue.