NDPII and SDG16+ National Forum

Somaliland has succeeded to develop its second five years national development plan and this responded long-standing questions raised by international community which was pressuring Somaliland to develop its development plan in order the country to meet some of the aid guiding principles such as inclusiveness, ownership, prioritize priorities and harmonize development mechanisms.

However, prior to Somaliland led national development plan 2011, there was an initiative led by UN and Work Bank as Joint Needs Assessment, 2006, which its findings recommended to develop Somaliland Reconstruction and Development Program, (RDP 2007-2011) it was the first time that international community introduced Somaliland such development framework.

But Somaliland to develop its first and second national Development Plan (NDP, 2011-2016- 2017 -201) and it was theoretically a big step forwarded to the right direction but practically faced a lot challenges both funding and capacity of the ministries to transform NDP into strategies and action plans for implementation.

The first NDP1 was estimated 1.2 billion and the second NDP2 was estimated 2.3billion, mostly these budget forecasts and funding of the NDPs were not succeeded due to limited resources. The NDP1 and NDP2 have same focus on issues of country development as (1) economic development, (2) infrastructure development (3) good governance (4) social development and (5) environment.

Somaliland National Development Plan (NDP) is promoting international partnership for development as alignment sustainable development goals and other development instruments such as the expired EU New Deal framework and effectiveness international principles.

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), are global goals intended to eliminate poverty, ensure peace, inclusive and just society to all people around the world.  

Somaliland Special Arrangement (SSA, 2013-2016) was a framework that international partners promoted Somaliland’s development assistance particularly New Deal Partnership that EU approved Sept 2013 and this was an imperative step for the first time Somaliland to have special development arrangement which is internationally acceptable and comprehensive.  

Somaliland’s vision of 2030 is paving the way how Somaliland can achieve sustainable peace, democracy and economic prosperity. Somaliland Development Fund (SDF) has become one of the effective development aid models that demonstrated the some of the guiding principles of the development aid assistance such as aid predictability, mutual accountability, alignment, harmonization, ownership and inclusiveness.


In this regard, Somaliland civil society organizations are very vibrant and are undertaking various policy advocacy initiatives and support government to deliver social services effectively. The CSOs also raise the voice of the voiceless people as politically and economically vulnerable people.


On the other hand, the CSOs advocate how Somaliland can obtain its fair share of development assistances and CSOs actively participated drafting, lobbying and persuasion of the international community the Somaliland Special Arrangement (SSA, 2013-2016).          


Furthermore, Somaliland also needs to adopt  the African Agenda 2063 which has deliberations  development aspirations and  aspiration 1: has outlined “a prosperous Africa based on inclusive growth and Sustainable development” and aspiration 2: has also An Africa of good governance, democracy, respect for human rights, justice and the rule of law.


A way forward 

In fact, the new government has the opportunity to further improve the way that development aid assistance works in Somaliland because the new government needs to effectively demonstrate its assigned tasks as PFM reforms which international community is looking forward that PFM reforms will increase the revenue generation, tax reforms, budget development, improving accountability and transparent.

The new government can utilize the political momentum of the post- election and create bargaining political and development environment; the second national development plan will also help the new government to enhance the resource mobilization activities, innovation and creativity.

Improving the trade and investment atmosphere where Somaliland is more potential and can be a strategic site of investors in the Horn of Africa. International community is dedicated Somaliland to hold parliamentary and local government elections concurrently in 2019 and this should further bring Somaliland to appear a credible and democratic partner in the Horn of Africa and the case of Somaliland’s search for recognition will be in the limelight and draw the international attention.

Finally, the new government is needed to promote core social principles of self- reliance, resilience and shared values of solidarity and commitment to development and this social and political aspirations can bring Somaliland to be a regional contributor both trade and economic integration and in deepening peace, stability and democratization. It is undeniable that Somaliland people are very confident to maintain peace and political stability in the region.