Advocacy at various levels is central in achieving sustainable impact in Somaliland. SONSAF has been at the centre of various advocacy initiatives in the past 5 years. However, with a growing membership and widening forum for advocacy engagement, more targeted actions and investment of resources are necessary. With this in mind, SONSAF has identified areas of priority for its advocacy commitment over the next 12 months (2013 to 2014.).

The platform’s advocacy strategy recognizes the complexity and volatility of the context in Somaliland. By the nature of their work, NSA members are always committed to sharing information related to advocacy issues and support advocacy initiatives aimed at rectifying outstanding policy issues. Agreement on consistent policy messages on the part NSA is thus necessary if NSAs voices’ are to be strengthened through policy dialogue. To achieve the purpose of the advocacy program, it is imperative that platform members formulate shared understanding and consensus on issues requiring policy dialogue so that they will be able to jointly identify and act on advocacy opportunities.  To realize the objective of the advocacy activities, it is essential that capacity building programs be provided to those undertaking advocacy activities in each thematic group.