Somaliland Non-State Actors Forum (SONSAF) successfully deployed a domestic election observation mission to closely monitor the entire process.

In this latest report, the observation mission presents its findings from throughout the election cycle: from the legal frameworks in place, to the registering of citizens to vote, to the political parties’ campaigns, to actual voting procedures on election day. READ THE REPORT

Somaliland Non State Actors Forum organized one day meeting on National Extractive Sector, the one day meeting was held in Hargeisa Somaliland, at Mansor Hotel, on 3rd December 2014. Meeting participations were all invitees’ stakeholders, around 100 individuals representing from government ministries, civil society organizations, private companies, business sectors, Universities, professional institutions and CBOs were among participants.

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The voter registration of the upcoming March 2017 presidential and House of Representatives elections has peacefully started in Sool region and Buuhoodle district on 23rd August 2016. Voter registration has been successfully completed five regions of Togdheer, Awdal, Saaxil, Maroodi- Jeexand Sanaag and Sool region is going to be the last region that its people are registering in order to participate Presidential and House of Representatives elections in Somaliland.

SONSAF invited the concerned stakeholders of the Waste Management Actto a highly organized meeting. This was a big meeting that was held at Mansoor Hotel, Hargeisa on 18th March, 2015.The objective of the meeting was to hand over the draft of solid &liquid waste management Act to the Green Caucus who are members of Somaliland house of representative (Parliament).

Consultation workshop was held on 21st to 22nd January 2015 for consultation with the member organizations. Preparation process participated by members grasped most accurate, inclusive and representative information drawn from members as they are most viewing the image of SONSAF from distance.

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