Somaliland Non- State Actors Forum (SONSAF) has re-launched the Somaliland Civil Society Election Forum (SCISEF) to enhance the role of civil society in the electoral process including the monitoring and observation of voter registration and elections at the regional and national levels. SCISEF will also work as pressure group on policy advocacy and dialogue and it will play impartial role in facilitating the disputes over the registration process and elections.

SCISEF consists of 88 civil society and non- state actors across the regions of Somaliland. It is the largest and coordinated body of grassroots policy engagement by promoting inclusive and participatory governance. This project is funded by European Union through Saferworld with timeframe of two years.


Briefing Papers
 Briefing Paper 6: Sool and Buhodle Voter Registration Preliminary Findings
 Briefing Paper 5: Sanaag Voter Registration Preliminary Findings
 Briefing Paper 4: Hargeisa and Salahley VR Preliminary Findings
 Briefing Paper 3: Sahil, Gabiley and Baligubadle VR Preliminary Findings
 Briefing Paper 2: Awdal Voter Registration Preliminary Findings
 Briefing Paper 1: Togdher Voter Registration Preliminary Findings

 Warbixintii 6aad: Diiwaangalinta Codbixiyeyaasha Sool iyo Buuhoodle
Warbixintii 5aad: Diiwaangalinta Codbixiyeyaasha Sanaag
 Warbixintii 4aad: Diiwaangalinta Codbixiyeyasha Hargaysa iyo Salaxley
 Warbixintii 3aad: Diiwaangalinta Codbixiyeyaasha Saaxil, Gabilay iyo Baligubadle 
 Warbixintii 2aad: Diiwaangalinta Codbixiyeyaasha Awdal
Waribixintii 1aad: Diiwaangalinta Codbixiyeyaasha Togdheer

Press Release

 Press Release on Voter Registration in Togdher region January 2016

SCISEF Re-launching Event in Hargeisa November 2015

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