Organisational structure

SONSAF provides a formal and legitimate structure through which non-state actors can engage more effectively with decision makers in government structures and the international community in support of poverty reduction, democracy and peace building.

General Assembly

The General Assembly consists of representatives of each member non-state actor organisation. It takes all decisions related to the policy of SONSAF and deals with regulatory issues. It elects the Board of Directors.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is the legislative organ of SONSAF. Board members are elected by the members of the General Assembly. The Board of Directors provides financial oversight and maintain accountability. It also determines SONSAF’s mission and purpose and ensures effective organisational planning.

Board Committees

The Board of Directors is divided into three sub-committee who are responsible for:

  • Finance and Audit
  • Governance and Coordination
  • Lobbying, fundraising and planning

The Secretariat

The Secretariat is the executive organ of SONSAF. It consists of the management staff who are responsible for the day to day running of SONSAF. It is headed by an Executive Director who is appointed by the Board of Directors.

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SONSAF | Organisational structure

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