About us

SONSAF stands for the Somaliland Non-State Actors Forum

About us

SONSAF aims to strengthen non-state actors in Somaliland to engage in domestic and international policy dialogue and decision making to bring about a secure and peaceful future for the people of Somaliland. We speak on behalf of a broader Somali constituency on issues such as poverty reduction, development, good governance, democracy, peace and security.


  • To support all round socio-economic and political development aimed at sustaining peace and nation building,
  • To help avoid conflicts and wars, and, in areas where these are occurring, to facilitate peaceful restoration of peace and security.
  • To promote human rights and democracy; and empower minorities and vulnerable groups to gain a better livelihood status.
  • To help Somaliland communities better utilise the environment and other natural resources.
  • To network with all stakeholders and help capacitate the non-state actors and other institutions of concern.
  • To represent the unity of purpose and act as a symbol of solidarity of the non-state actors by portraying an effective focal point and representative forum of the non-state actors.
  • To network among the non-state actors and other institutions whose development contributions are complementary with the non-state actors’ efforts towards sustainable, development and good governance.


  • Non-state actor platform capacity is strengthened in the areas of organisational management; financial accountability, planning, IT, networking and representative structures.
  • Public awareness is increased and conferences, debates and discussions have improved peace, stability and nation building.
  • Non-state actors have successfully represented a broad range of stakeholders in policy dialogue to enhance social development, including employment policies;
  • Non-state actors have promoted human rights and democracy and increased the participation of minorities and vulnerable groups in the process of development.
  • There is an effective network of communication between non-state actors and other institutions of concern.
  • Non-state actors have initiated consultations with the Government on country development strategies and community support as well as on the political dialogue.


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