Somaliland Non State Actors Forum (SONSAF) was founded in 2005 by business groups, traditional leaders, professional associations, religious leaders and civil society organizations to enhance development process through better coordination and networking amongst non-state actors: SONSAF was officially registered in 2008.


SONSAF’s mandate is to strengthen the voice of non-state actors and to enable them by engaging them in domestic and international policy dialogue activities. As a non-state actor, SONSAF doesn’t have direct influence or administration of the state organs. It is solely concerned about advancing the voice of the non-state actors.

Our Vision

SONSAF envisions effective development, cooperation, trade, and policy dialogue (locally and internationally).

Our Mission

SONSAF’s mission is to engage NSAs by improving their capacity to enable them to have space in policy dialogue activities aimed at formulating appropriate and sustainable development programs.

Our Objective
  • To represent NSAs and support socio-economic issue aimed at creating sustainable development programs by undertaking pro-active policy dialogue at national, regional and international levels.
  • To support capacity building programs for human transformation, and strengthen the state’s consultations process on the issues of development strategies, human rights, democratization, civic education, and resource management and utilization.
  • To strengthen aid effectiveness and to promote the capacity of local organization so that such organizations can access financial resources to support local development initiatives.
NSA Goals
  • Regular policy dialogue, advocacy, and awareness raising activities in place; the process of human transformation, rule of law, democratization activities, political party system and successive leadership are taking place.


  • The NSA platform capacity strengthened in the areas of organizational management; financial accountability; planning; ICT; networking and representative structures.
  • Effective networking, representation and coordination among all NSA stakeholders, non- state actors, and other institutions of concern have been established and put in place.


  • NSAs initiated consultations with donors, government and communities on development strategies, community support programs, and policy dialogue.
Our Priorities
  • Support local democratization process and election process in Somaliland
  • Focus on increasing policy dialogue activities in all development aspects, policy formulation, regulatory framework and rule of law.
  • Increase policy dialogue on development aid
  • Build the capacity of the member of the community.
Governance Structure

As per Article (6) of its constitution, SONSAF has 3 structures; General Assembly, Board of directors (Including its sub-committees) and secretariat.
There are 15 Board Officers elected in the 2 nd GA to represent non-state actor members.
Secretariat led by the Executive Director is the functional organ of SONSAF.

Human Resource Management

There are formal mechanism and appropriate supervisory system in place to facilitate inter-team and intra-team activities and orientations.

There is also considerable technical expertise within SONSAF regarding different aspects of project/program management.

Financial Management

Our financial system and reports provide reliable and accurate information. Our reporting system is done on a timely basis;

all reports are fed back into financial planning process.

Our Projects

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Meet Our Team

Ayan H. Hassan
Executive Director

Farah Yusuf Hussein
Admin/Communication Officer

Zainab Hassan
Project Officer SONSAF